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Where Baltimore can improve on snow removal [Letter]

Congratulations and thanks to the city of Baltimore for a superb job in snow removal from the majority of the streets, done efficiently as far I can tell.

There is always room for improvement, especially insofar as sidewalks and crosswalks are concerned. As a result of deep snow banks left on the sidewalks and crosswalks by the snow ploughs, walking in parts of the city can be very challenging besides being dangerous. As good citizens, the businesses and residents do great job in a conscientious manner.

However, there are patches of sidewalks and crosswalks whose cleaning is not the responsibility of either one of them; these make it difficult and dangerous to navigate around the city on foot. There are at least three options: a) the city hires a cadre of able-bodied persons to cleanup these patches; this means increased expenditure for the city, not a preferred option. b) Laws or ordinances may be passed requiring the residents and businesses to share in cleaning-up the areas within a reasonable distance; the problem is what is reasonable and there may be implementation problems. And c) police, parking personnel, etc. should clean-up these patches. The combination of b and c would not require any added funds as these personnel in option "c" are already on the payroll. Their efforts, especially by the police, would also help in improving their image among the citizens.

A. K. M. Shamsuddin

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