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Stop the Russia bashing [Letter]

I'm glad I'm not the only one who's detected blatant Russia bashing in media coverage of the Olympics ("A distorted view of Russia," Feb. 16). It's a case of chronic American superiority. A lot of people condemn Vladimir Putin's position on gay rights (even Maryland First Lady Catherine Curran O'Malley said she felt guilty about watching the games). But Russia has its rules and won't allow any group to tell them what to do. Americans should be concerned about what's wrong here before we condemn someone else.

I'm have a long memory of Russia and of the former Soviet Union. Let's celebrate what that country has achieved in such a short time. From the fall of the Berlin Wall to the opening ceremonies of the Sochi Winter Games, that country has come such long way.

After all the negative publicity prior to the event, I'm amazed by the spectacle unfolding before our eyes. Quite honestly, the early reports of shabby hotel rooms, missing man hole covers and undrinkable water let me to expect collapsing ski jumps, unfinished bobsled runs and melted ice rinks So far, the Russians have done a superb job, and my husband and I are enjoying the show.

Rosalind Ellis Heid, Baltimore

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