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McIntosh plan would help the elderly stay in Baltimore [Letter]

At Stadium Place in Baltimore City, an affordable condominium project was reluctantly terminated because its target population of "empty nesters" could not afford the sharp increase in property taxes.

The price was right. The plan was to apply a share of condominium proceeds to supportive services for the 300-plus low-to-moderate income elderly already residing in four apartment buildings on site, sponsored by GEDCO and Enterprise Homes.

The concept was to retain down-sizing homeowners in Baltimore City and attract new families to purchase their homes. The recession was a factor, but the most insurmountable hurdle to successful pre-sale contracts was the potential property tax increase for homeowners who stood to lose their Homestead Tax Credit benefits just as they faced "fixed income" retirement.

Del. Maggie McIntosh's Homestead "portability" legislation is just what we needed then and welcome now, especially for downsizing empty nesters ("McIntosh pushes city tax measures," Feb. 8). Delegate McIntosh worked for many years for the City's Commission on Aging and Retirement Education. Thanks to her for still keeping our retirees in mind.

Mary Pat Clarke, Baltimore

The writer, a Democrat, represents District 14 on the Baltimore City Council.

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