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Workers deserve a living wage [Letter]

For the last 20 or more years, the gap between the wealthiest one percent and the rest of society has continued to widen. Those with the money can afford lobbyist to pressure Congress to pass laws that benefit the wealthy while downgrading hard working people who lack the resources to fend for themselves.

In the recent investigative article, "Why $10.10?" (Feb. 9), it was revealed that the proposed increase in minimum wage doesn't even match the purchasing power of the minimum wage in 1968. Contrary to popular belief, minimum wage people include more family breadwinners than entry level employees. These persons deserve the respect, dignity and recognized worth for the services they provide our society.

Rather than this minuscule increase, they deserve a livable wage, but at least this is a step forward.

Rev. David L. Pollitt, Catonsville

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