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The public needs to learn how to react in an emergency [Letter]

Thank you for your informative commentary on the recent rise in senseless shootings around the country such as the one at Columbia Mall ("Will you be ready?" Feb. 5).

As a 70-year-old, 7th-degree Black Belt who has trained many students, DEA and local police officers and also directed self-defense seminars for women, I am glad to see someone trying to promote general survival training for everyone.

Without the old-time draft, the average citizen doesn't have a clue about survival skills. We can no longer count on the general public having received military training, and it is woefully apparent that the average American is still focused on consumerism and thinks there will always be someone else to call when emergencies arise.

But there won't be enough police, National Guard troops, or military-trained citizens to go around. We are going back to the old days when one had better be responsible for one's own safety in a crisis.

Mary S. Hanauer, Abingdon

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