Minimum wage was never meant to support a family [Letter]

At age 67, I have worked a number of minimum wage jobs. I took such jobs while I looked for something better. I worked hard and was almost always was offered better jobs within the company. But never did I expect to support a family with these unskilled, menial jobs.

What has changed? Flip those burgers as best you can, keep your work station clean and show respect to your customers, co-workers and supervisors; that way you will advance. You don't deserve more money for hitting on the cashier.

Having owned several lunch counters and cafeterias, I knew which workers were an asset, and I did everything I could to retain them, including wage increases.

Now I am retired and on Social Security. Why not tie inflation into my check? When fast-food joints start charging $5 for a coffee and $8 for a burger, all of us on fixed incomes will have to find alternatives.

The minimum wage is not meant to support a family, nor can it. The Democrats are in disarray and need to buy more votes, but seniors who are being disenfranchised are more inclined to vote than burger flippers who lack the ambition to better their lives.

Dan Shannahan, Fullerton

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