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Whose skyboxes are they anyway? [Letter]

The controversy over officials using state skyboxes at area stadiums to entertain political allies and campaign donors does not end ("Skybox guests pay for the honor," Feb. 5).

But the more important question is why the state has a skybox in the first place. I don't know how much a skybox costs, but I'll bet it isn't cheap.

It's my understanding the state also has skyboxes at M&T; Bank Stadium and at Oriole Park at Camden Yards. Maryland, the state that loves to tax, tax and tax, owns skyboxes at all three area stadiums — all paid for with taxpayer dollars.

Those boxes belong to all the citizens of this state, not just the bigwigs. I have an idea: Citizens should just show up for a game at any of the stadiums, show their driver's license and say they want to watch the game in "their" box.

Richard Thompson, Catonsville

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