Pope must embrace transparency [Letter]

The United Nations has decried the Vatican for not being transparent about the sexual abuse by Roman Catholic priests, bishops and cardinals over the past few decades ("UN panels urges Vatican to turn over sex abusers to authorities," Feb. 5). Moreover, the United Nations holds Pope Francis to be accountable, in a manner of speaking.

The Vatican has a centuries-old twisted, cloudy and convoluted past. Pertinent information from the Vatican and the Roman Catholics around the world must be shared in order for the church to move forward. The truth has been suppressed and locked away for centuries. This is 2014, and a "house cleaning" would mark a new era in the Catholic Church.

This is a seemingly insurmountable task for our Pope, with whom I am so impressed. He seems very open to change even though it will be an epic battle for the Vatican to be totally transparent.

This is going to take a Herculean effort because the scourge of the Roman Catholic Church will remain until someone chooses to fight the dragon. I hope Pope Francis has the mettle and temerity to fear not but take on the Vatican unlike the meek and feeble-minded popes who cowered to the Secretive Beast.

Now that would be the mark of a great pope.

Patrick R. Lynch, Nottingham

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