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Target campus drinking, not grain alcohol [Letter]

It is about time university presidents took an interest in college drinking ("Grain alcohol target of ban," Feb. 6), but why target grain alcohol instead of college drinking? It has been allowed to go on for far too long and, as a '60s college graduate, I have always been appalled at the laxness on today's campuses.

As I told my son when he was in college, you are an adult and get adult responsibilities and privileges when you can pay the bills and clean up the mistakes. And yes, as a parent I took responsibility for alcohol education, and at home he was allowed as a late teenager to "taste" the infrequent wine or beer when guests were there, and he was taught the dangers of irresponsible drinking. To this day, through college and the U.S. Marine Corps, he has been responsible and a very cautious imbiber (although I'm not sure about the Marine Corps).

I blame today's parents (not all) who have said to me that binge drinking is a "rite of passage" and laugh about it. My nephews (graduates in the past six years) have told me the many sad stories of their college dorms and the tragic consequences that occurred and were not reported in the news because the colleges have allowed a lax environment for drugs and alcohol. After all, instead of raking in the millions from research and parents, they might have to spend money on reinstating the old-time idea of "Dorm Moms" (such as we had) and spend actual money monitoring these young people instead of sloughing off the responsibilities by saying, "Oh, they're adults now." The last time I checked, drinking under the age of 21 was illegal.

Mary S. Hanauer, Abingdon

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