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Believing human life is sacred does not make one a 'nut' [Letter]

Regarding William Smith's recent letter stating that an embryo is not a person, and that only religious "wing-nuts" believe otherwise, if you take a cell from a human embryo and perform a DNA test on it the test will say it is human, not that it is "almost human" ("More anti-abortion 'wing-nut' nonsense," Feb. 2).

This scientific truth did not exist 6,000 years ago when the first words of Genesis were passed onto future generations, and was not known in 1973, when the Supreme Court declared abortion legal and unrestricted.

It seems Mr. Smith deems someone human when they have the potential to vote Democratic — and assigns them the same status as the ape-like troglodytes in H.G. Wells' novella "The Time Machine" if they believe otherwise.

I am Catholic and I firmly believe that life begins at conception. I do not shy away from my belief that there are certain circumstances when the termination of a pregnancy is the lesser of two evils, the other being the death or physical harm of the mother.

But terminating a pregnancy in order to be able to wear a certain dress a couple of months down the road is causing the death of a human being for the most trivial of reasons, yet it is something that takes place today with alarming regularity.

Bob Dannenfelser

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