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No Obamacare exchange hearings, no accountability in Annapolis

As I noted last week, it has become more apparent that Maryland's Democratic leaders are furiously trying to move past the debacle that has been the rollout of Maryland's health care exchange.  After publicly heeding calls for hearings, leaders in both the State Senate and House of Delegates are pushing off any real investigation until after the June primary.

To those willing to see it, this is simply cover for the favorite candidate of the state's Democrat oligarchs, Lt. Gov. Anthony Brown. Even The Baltimore Sun's editorial board noted that "Like it or not, this is the conclusion most people will draw — Democrats have cut an inquiry short in deference to their favored candidate for governor. And they're probably correct." 

Even without formal hearings, however, we are learning more and more that is disturbing about the details of the state's healthcare rollout.  WBAL reported on payments to consultants and others, including those tied to the faulty Baltimore red light cameras.  Looking at where the nearly $100 million dollars spent on the state's healthcare exchange has gone, you see the same incestuous relationships between those in power and their cronies in business and consulting.  It shows the insider government that has become business as usual in Maryland.

Greater scrutiny, particularly by the leaders of the General Assembly, would be embarrassing to far more than Lieutenant Governor Brown.  It will show the corruption and ineptocracy of the state's political machine.  It is no surprise then, that any real investigation is being slow rolled into obscurity.  Firm in the belief there are no real consequences for their actions, particularly at the ballot box, the state's Democratic machine feel emboldened to eschew any public accountability.

Pushing off these hearings is nothing more than the political machine that runs this state manipulating the media and the public to maintain its power and control.  Only an active media, willing to challenge those in power, and a skeptical electorate willing to vote to change Maryland's direction will ever lead to real accountability and responsible government in our state.

--Greg Kline is a co-founder and contributing editor for Red Maryland, which has strived to be the premier blog and radio network of conservative and Republican politics and ideas in the free state since 2007. A Maryland attorney, Greg was part of the legal team that defeated the General Assembly's effort to fire the Public Service Commission in 2006. He is a former Republican candidate for the Maryland House of Delegates and for chairman of the Maryland Republican Party. His Red Maryland posts appear here regularly.


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