Round up the NSA and ship them off to Guantanamo [Letter]

It's illustrative that the people who run the National Security Agency consider their biggest threat not terrorists or foreign governments but rather the American people ("Review, reform, but don't reject the NSA," Jan. 18).

If anyone had any doubt that this is an un-American, rogue agency threatens our democracy, this statement removes it.

It's time for the American people to recognize that the greatest threat to this country is not terrorists, and it certainly isn't whistle blowers. The greatest threat to this country is the NSA.

If President Barack Obama refuses to act, then it falls to Congress to do the right thing and defund the NSA immediately. And if we were serious about our Constitution in this country — which we obviously aren't — we would round up every NSA employee and ship them off to prison in Guantanamo where they belong.

William Smith, Baltimore

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