Legalizing marijuana would reduce shootings [Letter]

If what Baltimore Police Commissioner Anthony W. Batts said is true and some of the recent car-related shootings in the city are related to "weed deliveries," than that is a sad commentary on our society ("Two found fatally shot in car," Jan. 31).

People should not have to put their lives at risk in order to purchase small amounts of marijuana. And the legislation being considered by the General Assembly to decriminalize the drug will not stop these types of shootings either. Even though people would not be breaking the law by possessing small amounts of pot, they would still have to buy it from the illegal drug trade, thus putting themselves at risk of robbery, injury or worse.

Members of the General Assembly are going to have to make a choice, either make the sale and possession of marijuana legal or keep the buyers of "weed" in the shadows and vulnerable to criminals.

Sean Tully, Baltimore

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