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More anti-abortion 'wing-nut' nonsense [Letter]

I always have a good laugh when you run your "Red Maryland" column, and the most recent exercise in pointless drivel was no exception ("To help children, start in the womb," Jan. 31).

First of all, just to state a simple yet obvious fact that seems to elude some people: an embryo is not a person and no amount of wishing it is so will make it true. A baby is born when it draws its first breath. In fact, the Bible (which these right wing ignoramuses always reference, but none of them seems to bother to read or understand) it states that explicitly. So these right wing-nuts who go on and on about this nonsense are not only wrong, they are heretics. But then again, I never did meet a right winger who bothered with "facts" or "truth" when "truthiness" works so much better for them.

Most amusing of all, however, was the ridiculous assertion that "the tide is turning" against abortion. Unfortunately, despite exposure to 50 years of science, the number of people opposing a woman's right to make her own health care decisions has stayed unchanged since the dark old days of Jim Crow and back alley abortions. Sad but true.

If only "conservatives" cared as much about actual people as they do for a peanut-sized glob of cells.

William Smith, Baltimore

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