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Beretta won't be the last company to leave [Letter]

With Beretta's plans to expand in Tennessee rather than Maryland, I guess we lost another business to a state with lower taxes, a better business environment and better, safer, more reasonable living conditions for its employees than Maryland ("Beretta chooses Tennessee for new site," Jan. 29).

The legislature better take note, because our governor won't. And Comptroller Peter Franchot had better wake up and realize that Maryland is losing more high-income taxpayers who can afford to leave this place.

Soon there will be much less tax revenue for them to squander and waste on hare-brained ideas concocted by those who have never had to make a payroll or face competition.

I know that mine is a voice in the wilderness, but when you see people and companies voting with their feet, you have to expect that this will only get worse.

F. Cordell, Lutherville

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