Conaway's views on unemployment benefits and crime are insulting and shortsighted [Letter]

I strongly disagree with Frank Conaway Sr.'s premise in a recent letter to the editor that people who lost their extended unemployment benefits will "have no choice but to take matters in their own hands, robbing and stealing to put food on the table and keep a roof over their heads" ("End of unemployment benefits will hit Baltimore hard," Jan. 5).

The "give me free money or I'll rob you" analogy is insulting and shortsighted. People who are morally bankrupt enough to rob and steal are most likely content with the free handout from the government for as long as it lasts.

Yes, there will be those who will be hurt by the cutoff of funds, and they may have to reach out to family, friends and community organizations for help. But there are many others who have simply been enabled by these extended benefits or content to collect them until they expire.

Unemployment benefits are a short-term crutch, not a long-term entitlement or a tool to prevent crime.

Timothy Bennett, Baltimore

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