Red Maryland year in review: October

     The Federal Government shuts down, dominating local politics and media coverage, often focusing on people instead of policy.

     The Obamacare exchange website rollout in Maryland worked pretty much like everybody expected it would.

     Governor O’Malley politicizes the Public Information Act while Maryland municipalities try to skirt it.

     The  O’Malley Administration fired a whistleblower in the State Department of Disabilities.

     The long knives re-emerge in District 36, this time in the delegates race.

     Doug Gansler’s driver became an issue, but we’d like to know why does he have a driver in the first place?

     Baltimore continues to throw good money after bad in the Hilton downtown hotel debacle.

     Lt. Governor Anthony Brown’s assault on the attorney general brings up more questions about Brown than Gansler.

     RNC Chairman Reince Priebus interjects himself into the Doug Gansler pileon, proving that we cannot have nice things.

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