City needs more 'stop and frisk'

Your recent article clearly pointed out why homicides and shootings are on a rise in Baltimore City ("Baltimore Police ditch 'stop and frisk' in name but not practice," Sept. 30). When managers want to be politically correct, it is a show of no confidence in their positions.

When the police stop and frisk 422 people in a year's time, that equates to 1.15 people per day. There are nine precincts in the city, which means the corner boys are slinging their dope without a fear of the police. They use guns to protect their territory, and the police rarely get out of their cars to move them along or stop and frisk.

The problem is attorneys or the public filing complaints about police tactics, so the commissioner now changes the terminology. But the police will still resist getting a complaint. Therefore, they stay in their cars and go home at the end of a shift to drink a beer.

The corner boys or their bosses continue shooting up the city like it is the OK Corral.

If the commissioner wants to stop the shootings, his department needs to be an irritant to the corner boys and start collecting their guns.

J. Michael Collins, Reisterstown

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