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Orioles lost out with dispute over Ravens game

Now that the Orioles have missed the 2013 playoffs, I wanted to comment on the Orioles not moving the Sept. 5 game against the White Sox so the Ravens could have opened the National Football League season with a Thursday night home game.

The effect on the Ravens was nothing much as they are 2-1 and doing well. The Orioles did not make the playoffs even with that game. However, the lasting bad taste left in the mouths of Ravens fans will last a long time. My family sold our Orioles tickets to two games and really did not miss going.

Moving the baseball game to a Saturday double-header would have been very, very easy to do and would have made the Orioles look like heroes. Instead, they look like spoiled brats who were very jealous of the Ravens' success.

It was too bad for Baltimore that a great opportunity to showcase the city on national television and the positive media opportunity was squandered.

Andrew Burnell, Elizabethtown, Pa.

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