A victory for the Chesapeake Bay

As highlighted in "A Victory for the Chesapeake" (Sept. 19), Pennsylvania Judge Sylvia Rambo recently issued a thoughtful ruling in defense of the Environmental Protection Agency's authority to enforce the Clean Water Act.

After a challenge by the Farm Bureau and others, the federal court affirmed that the EPA has the authority to issue pollution limits based on sound science and can continue doing its job of protecting the environment.

This is good news for those of us who enjoy clean water for recreational purposes, but even more importantly, this is great news for those of us who depend on our water resources for food and commodities. The faith community supports this decision and welcomes this opportunity to affirm the essential work that takes place throughout the Chesapeake Bay region to care for creation.

We are all united through our interdependence on the earth and its resources. By upholding these regional pollution limits, the ruling states that no one entity may contribute to an imbalance of this shared interdependence. As people of faith, we recognize that we all play a role in this divine plan of balance, and we congratulate the steps taken to uphold this balance.

This ruling will mean continued hard work for all of us. Many best-management practices are being employed in industries throughout the region and should be applauded. We need to continue to find creative solutions and financial resources for projects that will reduce the pollution that is contaminating our rivers and streams. It is time to accept our role in this divine plan of balance and get on with the hard work at hand.

Jodi Rose, Annapolis

The writer is executive director of Interfaith Partners for the Chesapeake.

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