Debt limit negotiations are the norm

In its never-ending quest to be the pay version of, The Sun conveniently forgets to mention a few items in its recent editorial ("Dog days in D.C.," Sept. 27). First of all, congressional leaders such as Sen. Harry Reid, Rep. Steny Hoyer and Barack Obama when he was in the U.S. Senate have voted passionately against an increase in the debt ceiling when there was a Republican president (the ceiling was much lower).

It was nice to remind us what "bills" are. The Sun might want to re-watch their Schoolhouse Rock to understand that many of these "demands" have been passed by the House, then never introduced in the Senate, as Mr. Reid didn't want to force his red state Democrats to vote against the will of their constituents. Finally, there have been many times in history when there has been negotiations over raising the debt ceiling limit. This will not be a first. If President Obama chooses not to negotiate, it will be he, not the GOP, who closes down the government.

It is obvious that Mr. Obama wants to shut down the government and then hope the GOP is blamed, so he can get his House back. That is the only rational explanation for his "no negotiations" stance.

Ira Malis, Baltimore

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