Roland Park learning model a refreshing antidote to rigid instruction

With the stresses our teachers are experiencing with meeting the demands of the new Common Core standards, evaluation systems and new school initiatives, it was refreshing to read the front page coverage of a promising and innovative approach to education — and one that gives hope to parents and educators alike that teaching and learning can be creative, imaginative and based on the latest research ("Roland Park teaching to be subject of documentary," Sept. 19).

It took a California independent filmmaker to realize that this learning model, created right here in Baltimore to underpin the successful programs at Roland Park Public School, is now being studied and used by educators worldwide. The Brain-Targeted Teaching Model, created by former Roland Park principal and Johns Hopkins University professor Mariale Hardiman, offers a fresh and dynamic strategy for teachers to provide rigorous and holistic instruction that serves all students.

Kudos to The Baltimore Sun for bringing a hopeful story to educators and parents.

Craig E. Spilman, Baltimore

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