Texas' 'economic miracle' is all smoke and mirrors

Texas Gov. Rick Perry was recently in Maryland trying to connive businesses into move to his state ("O'Malley, Perry spar over jobs with 2016 in background," Sept. 18).

The problem is, Texas cannot handle more people. Currently, there are too many people and not enough roads here in Texas, which perhaps explains why the roads are too congested and most days traffic is a nightmare.

We are in a severe drought here in Texas. Water levels are plummeting and lakes are drying up. Groundwater levels are dropping. Historic springs have stopped flowing. Again, the problem is too many people and not enough water or year-round conservation measures in place.

Our schools are heavily in debt, yet these independent school districts keep on building super-fancy schools. Just about everything is taxed or carries a fee, and our legislature keeps raising these levies so local governments can get more revenue out of them and the state can reduce funding to the localities.

State employees have become a huge fraction of the budget, since the state not only has to pay its current workers' salaries and benefits but also pay the pensions of its increasing number of retirees.

True, Texas has a balanced budget — but only through trickery and deception.

Michael L. Maurer Sr., Spring Branch, Texas

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