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Tiny cameras are a valuable police tool

Retired Baltimore City Police major Robert L. DiStefano did a disservice to the department in his letter to the editor debunking the idea of cops wearing small video cameras on their uniforms or glasses ("Cameras could be costly for police," Sept. 17).

It was encouraging to read that Baltimore City was thinking about using video cameras for their police as part of their crime investigation scheme. To see an action recorded in real time is intelligent science.

Mr. DiStefano instead jumped into the ring with the "Big Brother" gloves on. To attempt to protect morale is commendable but not necessary.

The advantages of capturing crucial data on a moving picture medium is priceless. The actual event is frozen in time. Many controversial questions can be answered on the spot by an investigator. Moreover, folks react differently when they are "on camera."

Rather than crying foul, the major should be the first to see the benefits of this valuable tool.

John Holter, Baltimore

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