Maryland's WVU band ban is classless

It has come to my attention that the West Virginia University band will not be permitted by the University of Maryland's athletic director to perform for either pre-game show or at half-time at the upcoming Maryland/WVU football game at M&T; Bank Stadium ("West Virginia's band won't play Saturday, and West Virginia fans are not happy," Sept. 18). Maryland's previous athletic director never had this policy, and there is a history of both bands performing on each other's fields.

This is not only a rude and petty action, it is a poor reflection on the state of Maryland. I will be among 14 WVU alumni and friends from four states who will be traveling to Baltimore, spending two nights in area hotels, eating in area restaurants, and otherwise spending the financial fruits of what a WVU education has afforded us. Three of the 14 individuals were WVU band members during their college years, and this game was to provide an opportunity to enjoy a presentation of the tradition of which they are a part.

If the University of Maryland has any class, they will reverse this outrageous decision. By the way, the Big 10 requires its member schools to allow visiting team's bands to perform.

David Kurtz, Parkersburg, W.Va.

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