Minimum wage benefits all Americans

Letter writer Michael Saltsman is unequivocally wrong when he states that raising the minimum wage kills jobs ("Job-killer, thy name is minimum wage," Sept. 16). He opines that the editorial page of The Sun is wrong in cherry picking dates to prove their point and yet conveniently picks a date from 20 years ago to prove his. And should a number arbitrarily chosen in 1938 have any more relevance than a footnote today?

When wages are too low, people simply elect not to work. They may become part of the underground economy, pursue unsavory endeavors and engage in activities that some find morally objectionable. Ronald Reagan understood this and greatly enhanced the Earned Income Tax Credit as an incentive for people to work and avoid welfare.

Raising the minimum wage will raise the wages of all bottom tier workers providing them with more purchasing power, increasing the demand for goods and services and ultimately leading to more jobs. Lack of demand has been holding this recovery back, and, inarguably, higher wages would help stimulate it.

Finally, if a company has to offer slave wages with no benefits in order to make a profit, there is something seriously wrong with their business plan. Does that company even have the right to exist? After all, survival of the fittest is the capitalist way.

Raise the minimum wage for the benefit of all Americans.

Thomas J. Snyder

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