Honoring America's first responders

Although any news of improved benefits, salaries or recognition for firefighters, paramedics and police officers is welcome, it seems to me it's time for a more substantial event: A "National First Responders Day" if you will ("Local events commemorate 9/11," Sept. 10).

What better day is there to say thank you than Sept. 11?

Even a city or statewide First Responders Day would be a welcome first start. Schools could host local first responders at assemblies and businesses could post greetings on their outdoor signs, much as they do for sports teams.

Families could initiate their own show of support. Until they were old enough for school, my grandchildren helped me deliver cookies and their handmade thank you cards to precincts and fire houses in their community.

First responders are those who run toward danger, disaster or accidents while the rest of us are running away. Wouldn't a First Responders Day be a great opportunity for us to stop and say thank you?

Sandra Ludwig Adams, Lutherville

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