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The chemical weapons crisis isn't just about Syria

The current crisis in the Middle East deals with the Syria's use of chemical weapons, but the fact that it is taking place in Syria is immaterial. The problem could be anywhere in Europe, Africa or Asia and be of no less importance ("Syria: Where's the outrage?" Sept. 3).

The issue is not regime change in the middle of a sectarian civil war but the use of deadly gas by a rogue state. We in the free world must not sanction or tolerate in any the use of such horrific weapons.

All possible measures must be undertaken to prevent this catastrophe, even if it means punitive or military action against the offender. It has not been that long that these weapons were used on the battlefields of World War I and perfected to an art in the eradication of a race in World War II, causing the deaths of hundreds of thousands of men, women and children.

By our inaction we, in essence, give tacit approval to this horrid undertaking and again risk the loss of millions of lives, possibly including our own.

Robert M. McDonough, Columbia

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