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Who is Obama to be moralizing?

I just got finished hearing President Barack Obama do his quick step dance around the reporters' questions at his so-called news conference in Russia ("Obama feels a chill in Russia," Sept. 6). What an immoral person he is. He has the gall to stand there and present himself as the moral measure for how everyone else should think and act. Meanwhile, he lives his whole life without any moral standards but what he wants to do in the ever changing moment of decision and political opportunity.

If he were really affronted at the deaths from the use of chemical weapons and especially the deaths of over 400 children, he would be equally offended by the use of chemicals on millions of children who have been aborted in this country. He would hear their cries as the saline solution burns them to death. He would be equally affronted by the thousands of men, women and children who have been killed in Africa in tribal warfare and by the thousands of children who are still being sold into slavery there. All of these should be equal outrages, but he is silent. Why? Because there are no political gains to made there with his party, those who voted for him and those who own his political life. This man has no real morals, only political goals.

There is true irony here. If his political agenda was founded upon real moral foundations, he would support the president of Syria's behavior. After all, that man is merely following the moral code of the president and the Democratic Party. He is only making "a choice" to get rid of those blocking his state of well-being. He is doing nothing more than aborting those in "his" way to "his" happiness. President Obama says he is urging action against Syria to protect the world's moral standards against chemical warfare. He should stop presenting himself as the world's moral leader until he gets his party's and his own house in moral order.

Rev. Michael T. Buttner, Bel Air

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