Minimum-wage jobs weren't meant to support a family and career

Minimum-wage jobs were never meant to support a family or be a lifetime job. I have worked several minimum-wage jobs over the course of my career that helped prepare me for a senior management job in a major company.

When I interview potential workers, currently employed persons can provide references who can attest to their reliability, punctuality and personality. But if a candidate is unemployed, I can't get that information.

Those minimum-wage jobs paid for my transportation to job interviews and training classes, and they showed prospective employers my work ethic. Also, low-paying jobs are entry level and can lead to raises and better jobs within the company.

Raising the minimum wage will also raise the retail cost of everything, putting those of us on fixed incomes in a precarious position. I will not pay $3.50 for a McDonald's coffee. Many small businesses will be forced out of business by people whose only skill is operating the TV remote control.

Dan Shannahan, Fullerton

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