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For Baltimore, a summer of missed milestones

The Baltimore Grand Prix just concluded its third underachieving year, and the city's unemployment rate continues to be among the highest in the state and nation.

The Labor Day holiday was a momentous weekend because it marked the end of a summer full of significant milestones for my home town. First, we marked that day with 153 homicides. Another milestone we hoped to achieve was the passage of a law requiring comprehensive audits of all city agencies and departments. But instead we got a watered-down law that the mayor managed to deflate by not funding it in her budget.

Another milestone involved receiving a historic $1.1 billion commitment from the state to rebuild or renovate our dilapidated school buildings. But that was followed immediately by the resignation of one of our longest-serving school CEOs.

Then we had the passage of a municipal budget by a duplicitous City Council that failed to increase funds for programs that uplift our children. And most notably looming is a bill that would grant the largest tax increment financing (TIF) deal in the city's history.

This is where I start crying. We can do better on so many levels, and we must do more to get the better outcomes that will make Baltimore thrive again.

Kim Trueheart, Baltimore

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