Liberals have distorted the meaning of King's dream

As we celebrate the 50th anniversary of Martin Luther King's "I have a dream" speech, it becomes ever more obvious that years of big government attempts to mandate racial equality have failed ("Anniversary March on Washington shows Dr. King's 'dream' remains unfulfilled," Aug. 28).

In his speech, King was driven by his morality and his service to a divine cause. He dreamed of a future in which all God's children were equal, and of a time where white, black, yellow, brown and red would have a dignity not based upon the color of their skin, but upon the goodness and purity of their divinely formed character.

Having gotten rid of God in our country and replaced the divine with human laws, we are now on our way to celebrating the man who was King while denying his unselfish relationship with a higher power and its dreams.

This new racial initiative has been created by the radical liberal left and championed by our president. It appears in the campaign speeches of our own lieutenant governor.

In their dream, not all people are to be included. Trayvon Martin is worthy of presidential distinction, but Christopher Lane is not. A black professor is more than worthy of presidential action, but an elderly retired defender of our country is not.

The new dream is biased at its very core. The new dream vividly sees color and finds worth only in people of the same color.

This new dream divides our country and sets back every sacrifice made for true racial equality. It is the dream of the likes of the Rev. Al Sharpton, of the KKK and of Muslim extremists.

If black Americans want the races to live together in harmony, if white Americans want the races to live together in a melting pot of rich traditions and blessings, and if brown Americans want this country to be a place truly welcoming of those terrorized in the world, then they will all have to boldly speak out against this new racial initiative and go back and rediscover the precious dream God gave to Dr. King.

Michael T. Buttner, Bel Air

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