Let the Towson Turtle feed itself

As a previous small business owner, I agree with Maryland Comptroller Peter Franchot and others who want to dismiss the idea of using a state loan (as well as Baltimore County taxpayers' money) to renovate The Greene Turtle in Towson ("Don't fear this Turtle," Aug. 21).

What makes this business so special to acquire county and state money? I live in Harford County and see every season the fall of local establishments. That's the gamble you take when owning a business. The family owners should look on their side and think "what are we doing wrong?" How about looking for better profits with better financial strategies, better management, better service, better quality of food, etc.

Here we are again with the saying that nobody wants to take the blame, so we go crying to Uncle Sam. Oh, and if they get the loan, does that mean their houses on the Chesapeake Bay get even bigger?

R. Burgard, Fallston

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