Jog your memory

The Baltimore Sun has reported on a recent wave of street crimes in which people have been approached and robbed while they were talking on cellphones or otherwise preoccupied. A number of the articles have said that the victims were jogging.

One reader asked, "Do people still jog?" I'd like you to consult your own recollections about the word.

Is jogging redolent of the 1970s? Do people still jog? Or is running what people do on the street these days? The Google Ngram viewer suggests that the term jogging reached a peak about a quarter-century ago and has been slowly declining is use since that point. The Corpus of Contemporary American English has fewer than thirty citations for 2012.

I'm not prescribing here; I;m inquiring of the runners out there. (I haven't run anywhere since I was a boy.) Does using jogging make us look dated, or is the word still widely current among the non-sedentary?

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