Move to sell Dundalk government building threatens cherished traditions

Dundalk was once economically and culturally vibrant and included our traditional Heritage Fair, Fourth of July and St. Patrick's Day parades, picnics at Chesterwood, Stansbury and Gunpowder parks and a myriad of historical events associated with North Point and Fort Howard.

It was through the vision of our community that we could boast of the activities that attract visitors and community pride.

Suddenly, County Executive Kevin Kamenetz decided he must sell our government center to generate funds for schools. He should use other money for that. We need our police station where the crime is, not on Eastern Avenue, where the response time is too long. Also, the 60-plus-year tradition of Fourth of July fireworks would cease.

To quote Rep. Andy Harris, "the waste, fraud and abuse that went on in the Maryland school system is exactly what makes the American people angry about government spending."

Frances M. Martino

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