The Sun needs to write about more than death and destruction

As a Towson University student, newspapers are provided free of charge every morning around campus. The selections include The New York Times, The Baltimore Sun and USA Today.

Can you guess which ones I pick up to read? Do you know the paper that is chosen the least day after day?

It is sad how often The Sun does not get chosen even when it is given out for free. Please get some interesting articles. I, as well as others, are tired of only reading about death and destruction in the Baltimore community.

These atrocious articles need to be purged from the paper, and creative ideas should be encouraged. A man shot in Baltimore? What else is new? This is not headline news.

If The Baltimore Sun wants to stay in business, better articles are necessary. My family have been long time subscribers, and we recently unsubscribed because we just couldn't take it anymore.

Corey Golden, Baltimore

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