Sheila Dixon doesn't belong on anyone's list of leading women

I eagerly sat down to read The Sun magazine feature on Baltimore women leaders ("50 women to watch in Baltimore," July 22). So imagine my disappointment when I got to No. 8 and saw former mayor Sheila Dixon's name on the list.

Actually, disappointment is too tame of word to describe my reaction. To see her profiled amid pillars of the community — women of all ages, ethnic backgrounds and in varied careers — was a disgrace. Ms. Dixon had no place being in the same report with those women and their achievements.

To make matters worse, and in a very cavalier way, the writer of the piece referred to her blatant misappropriation of public funds as an "incident." That type of editorializing mocked the citizens she was supposedly serving.

What was your editorial staff thinking when they made her part of this special edition? Ms. Dixon says she's not sure she wants to go back into public office in the future. And I say if she does then she is definitely one of the 50 women we should watch — to make sure she doesn't take any more public money.

Barbara Blumberg, Baltimore

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