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Don't link teacher pay with test scores

Speaking as a retired educator with 35 years of service, I wish to say it was most disheartening to read the education article, "Amid test score drop, Lowery focuses on ushering in reforms" (July 26).

In my opinion, the most important ingredients in the hearts of our state school teachers should be satisfaction and the enjoyment of their assignments. However, this can never be realized unless all of them are operating under the same salary structure, which definitely should never be based on the students' standardized tests results, as all of the students are raised in different communities and exposed to varying levels of prosperity.

Therefore, it appears to me there is only one avenue which can be followed in order to establish the same basic salary structure in order to satisfy all state school teachers, and that is simply tenure by which all beginning teachers would receive the same salary which would be increased periodically accordingly to an established state scale.

In addition to this, a portfolio would be kept on each teacher's performance which could be utilized when an opening occurs in the supervisory domain.

It is my sincere belief that if the above suggestions relating to the teachers' salaries and their performances were observed, Superintendent Lillian Lowery would discover that her numerous challenging "plants" would be much easier to cultivate. I pray that as time progresses she will enjoy much success and happiness in all of her endeavors.

Quinton D. Thompson, Towson

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