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Dixon undeserving of '50 women' honor

As I was looking through the latest Sun Magazine and reading "50 women to watch in Baltimore" (July 28), I came across a stunning choice: Sheila Dixon.

I was completely upset that a woman who had been convicted on embezzlement and faced perjury charges (but avoided them under a plea agreement) was included in this group of women who are upstanding individuals in the local community. Are our values so skewed that we neglect the fact that this woman was scolded for "leaving office in total disgrace" and that she would "carry a badge of dishonor for the rest of her life" for stealing gift cards earmarked for needy families?

This nomination is a sad commentary for the city of Baltimore. What a fine example to portray to impressionable young women in the city.

To whomever made this decision at The Baltimore Sun, fine job.

Scherry Cusic, Bel Air

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