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Respect pregnancy center's rights, too

I am writing in response to a letter published by reader Ingrid Krause ("Pregnancy centers should not hide agenda," July 29). Ms. Krause's letter illustrates the disturbing nature of the crisis pregnancy center sign legislation — the assumption that all pregnancy centers that do not offer abortion services must have the nefarious purpose of derailing an individual's choice to seek an abortion. Indeed, this assumption is so deep that it is not enough for a woman who enters a clinic to be verbally informed that she will not receive an abortion there. A sign akin to a target must be posted on the door.

Has the city proposed companion legislation requiring abortion clinics to post signs indicating that they do not offer adoption services? What about signs on hospital doors indicating their respective stances on abortion? The city's philosophy of "truth in advertising" may be a noble one (assuming that women are not sophisticated enough to be aware of their own choices), but its decision to single out one particular group shows a deep prejudice against those who do not believe in abortion.

If Roe v. Wade and the pro-choice movement really are about choice, then the choice not to have an abortion, or not to offer an abortion, must be given the same amount of respect by our own government.

Kate Hanlon Sinclair, Baltimore

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