Why would the state, county subsidize a sports bar?

Once again I find myself disgusted at the wasteful spending of our elected officials ("State board balks at bar loan," July 28). Baltimore County, along with the state, is looking to lend $893,000 to the very successful Greene Turtle bar/restaurant. Baltimore County would be kicking in $240,000 so the Towson location can expand. And, the loan is forgivable?

It is beyond time for our government to get out of the business of propping up businesses with our tax dollars. Businesses need to succeed or fail on their own merits. This loan is particularly troubling as the Greene Turtle is very successful. Let them get their expansion dollars without using my tax dollars. One "complaint" stated in the article is that banks are holding to stricter lending standards. Finally. Wasn't a large part of the financial crisis due to banks lending to pretty much anyone with a pulse (and arguably, maybe some without one)? If the county truly considers the Turtle the poster child for the revitalization of Towson, those holding that sentiment need to realign their priorities.

That said, should the government provide this loan, I expect all taxpayers should receive at least a 50 percent discount in exchange for the use of our money.

Rob Schwartz, Owings Mills

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