Md. GOP needs good ideas and candidates

Your article, "Md. GOP considers opening its primary" (July 18), came as a surprise since I am a member of the Baltimore County Republican Central Committee and had not heard about any plans to allow independents to vote in our primaries.

Sure, we are outnumbered in registration 2-1, but that is not the problem with winning elections. To win elections, we need to have candidates with new ideas to reduce the debt and create revenue that is fair to everyone. We need candidates who are known throughout the state when competing for statewide office. Instead of bashing a primary opponent, we need to point out to the electorate what the Democrats do to them, but won't tell them until after the elections.

Two cases come to mind. Recent legislation to increase the gas tax had an amendment to increase public transportation fares in 2015 and based on the consumer price index every two years. Remember the ad, "If it comes out of my pocket it's a tax"? What would the residents of Baltimore City say if they knew that? The other is the 3.8 percent tax on capital gains for some "high income" individuals and families once the health care bill takes affect. That's a tax Democrats will not talk about.

Nobody likes taxes or fees, but to protect their base, Democratic politicians do this all the time and hope the electorate will forget four years later.

In 2002, I ran for public office against a well-known name in my area for an open seat. I did not win in a 4-1 district, but I was the only Republican I knew of that was endorsed by The Sun. It was due to unique ideas that drew this support, not independents voting in the primary.

At the next monthly meeting, I am going to propose a plan to make the electorate informed about the hidden fees and taxes coming their way that Democrats hope no one knows about so independents will see the Republican party may not be their enemy.

J. Michael Collins, Reisterstown

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