Baltimore violence and the price of taking God out of the schools

Millions of words have been written on urban violence, hundreds of "solutions" have been proposed, myriad "programs" will be stacked on top of other shaky programs and none of it will solve the problem. But letter writer George Fisher provided the missing piece of this puzzle in three words: "With God's help" ("Culture must change," July 10).

Somewhere in the Bible it says that a nation that forgets God will be forgotten by God. In the 1960s, mention of God was removed from public schools, where before a few lines from the Psalms had been read every day after the Pledge of Allegiance. How could those lines have hurt anyone?

I believe that their absence has hurt everyone, as things have gone downhill ever since. The vacuum created in the schools progressed to the public square and we are paying an ungodly price for it.

Elizabeth Ward Nottrodt, Baltimore

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