Sun must not reveal police sources

The news story, "Local rapper, wife charged in deadly stabbing after show" (July 10) by Jessica Anderson included details on who provided identifying information to the police. Does anyone in Baltimore doubt that the criminal community knows exactly who the informant is by now, thus putting his life at risk?

The police source for the story should not have revealed who their source was, and The Sun should not have published that information. Your articles on the dramatic increase in violent crime in Baltimore usually state that the police are unable to get information from the community to help solve the crimes. In this case, a good citizen stepped up to provide that information, and The Sun published specific enough information to identify him.

There was no reason to reveal this information. The article would have been just as informative for readers if it stated that a witness provided information. This is really poor policy and poor decision making on The Sun's part. It puts not only this witness at risk, but discourages others from providing information on other criminal activity.

I encourage The Sun to develop internal policies that prohibit publication of information on the identify of individuals who provide guidance to the police in the process of solving crimes. Otherwise, The Sun is acting as a conduit to feed information to the criminal community.

Abbie Schaub

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