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Council fumbles Ticketmaster fees

Jeers to the Baltimore City Council members who put big business ahead of the citizens of Baltimore ("Ticketmaster fees could be unlimited with proposed law," July 3). The excuses given for gutting the Ticketmaster fee bill are pathetic.

"Baltimore may lose talent." Maybe we won't! "There is a market for the service fees." It's a monopoly! It's not as if the citizens can shop around as to whom we want to purchase tickets from. I do go to the box office to save the service charges when it is feasible, but that isn't always the case. It is not that I don't think a service fee is acceptable but that the fees charged are just ridiculous.

Purchasing more than one ticket and being charged the same exorbitant amount for each ticket is especially a peeve of mine. They are all going in the same envelope. Why there are still scalping laws in this city is beyond me. I would feel better purchasing tickets from a scalper, at least I feel the extra money would be going to help a fellow Baltimorean.

I love Baltimore, but the council should reconsider who they are actually representing in this case and have a little more confidence in the city themselves. There will always be major events performed in Baltimore. The venue and the performers can always negotiate and set their fees, and the public can determine if that is what they want to pay for, but not hidden "service" fees forced on consumers by a monopoly.

Morris Murray, Baltimore

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