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Happy 21st, Manny, but don't listen to The Sun

It seems to me that the recent advice given to Oriole Manny Machado by The Sun's staff is a sure recipe for a short lived career ("10 ways Manny Machado can celebrate his 21st birthday in Baltimore," July 5) and a wasted life.

Of the 10 ways that The Sun advised Manny to celebrate his 21st birthday, at least six involved drinking alcoholic beverages with two others that would probably include drinking. One involved Manny gambling and two involved eating food that is detrimental to his body. Drinking and gambling are not good habits for anyone to acquire and certainly not good advice for a 21-year-old at the pinnacle of success.

My advice to Manny is keep on doing what you have been doing. Maintain your morals and values that have brought you this far and using your God-given talents and abilities to etch your name into the Major League Baseball Hall of Fame.

James R. Cook, Joppa

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