High fees won't lure Bruce to Baltimore

Frank Remesch, general manager of 1st Mariner Arena, suggests that Bruce Springsteen may skip Baltimore because of limits on convenience fees ("Ticketmaster fees could be unlimited with proposed law," July 3).

Mr. Springsteen has played Baltimore twice in 40 years. Since his last show here in 2009, he has played over 150 concerts, half a dozen of which were in Philadelphia or D.C. It's pretty obvious that limits on fees are not the reason Mr. Springsteen skips Baltimore.

Let's be honest. Failure to regulate ticket convenience fees will benefit sports teams, concert promoters and monopolistic ticket agencies. It will hurt artists and taxpayers, neither of whom will receive any share of the fees. Ticket buyers will pay more, but it will not bring the E-Street Band back to Baltimore.

Mac Nachlas, Baltimore

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