Taxes are ruining Maryland

Well, Comrade Gov. Martin O'Malley has literally deluged Maryland taxpayers with new taxes, fees, licenses and tolls ("Marylanders' wallets run on empty," July 2). The People's Republic of Maryland now taxes the rain that falls on your home. The "in the bag" liberal socialist media, refuses to condemn such action even while this nation is in the midst of a depression, not a recession, but a real depression!

It is not only the jobs that will be lost, as more and more businesses and industries "vote with their feet" to leave this socialist Garden of Eden, no, it is more than that. As businesses and industries flee the state, they leave in their departing wake a vacuum, a void or hole in the tax structure that must be filled by whom? You guessed it — those unfortunate taxpayers who must remain behind.

Every business and industry that leaves Maryland, and I must include every taxpayer that leaves as well, creates in their leaving an even greater tax burden on those who remain. That is also exacerbated by the fact that those who are left "unemployed" by this business exodus will inevitably become wards of those impossibly overburdened remaining taxpayers.

Knowing this, Comrade Governor O'Malley persists on heaping even more taxes on those unfortunates who remain, in addition to the "makeup" tax that they must pay because of those who are leaving. This socialist aspires to be President of the United States where he will fit right in with his socialist/communist agenda. It would appear that the Comrade Governor is intentionally ruining this state even as President Barack Obama does the same at the national level.

Robert DiStefano, Abingdon

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