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Harbor Point should include 11-acre park

I am a longtime active resident of Fell's Point. I have been at meetings revolving around the development of the Allied Chemical Super Fund site, also known as Harbor Point, for around 17 years. It would almost be laughable if it weren't so maddening to listen to what was once supposed to be an 11-acre contiguous park reduced to six 1-acre pocket parks. What do the experts say make great cities? The top answer is green space.

I would be wasting everyone's time if I were to decry the insanity of giving away the waterfront in Baltimore to the super rich so they may get richer, because I know this project will without a doubt go through. What I would like to do is ask Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake and the Baltimore City Council for a development that rewards the residents who are giving up a share of tax revenue to get something great in return. What would Harbor Point be like if it had an 11-acre park for residents and tourists to enjoy? A skateboard park, a dog park, playgrounds, grass, trees, flowering bushes to attract migrating birds, all meshed with development. I imagine a great city governed by officials who possess an innate wish to see Baltimore be intensely livable.

Mayor Rawlings-Blake, this project could be something that would set you apart from all the rest. Demand excellence from this development. Dare to give the citizens of your city their $107 million worth. Make this development something you can stake your legacy on. Make us proud you are our mayor — the mayor who dared to put her citizens first.

Katy Greene Davis, Baltimore

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