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Living like kings on food stamps

Happy Independence Day.

I am not talking about the one we celebrate on July 4 but the other that happens each month in grocery stores across the United States. Let me paint the picture.

My husband and I work 40-plus hours a week and stop into the local supermarket on our way home. As we shop for food we can afford to buy, we notice the carts going by us filled with not healthy foods but junk. We proceed to checkout line and yes, in front of us a family paying with food stamps is checking out.

The plentiful snacks are being put into the bags, and it looks like someone will be eating T-bones tonight! My husband and I put our hot dogs and beans on the belt and the name-brand soda, our splurge, that was on sale. Now, here comes the best part — as we go to our car in the parking lot, a nice new Lexus pulls up to be filled with all that food that did not cost a dime.

There has been so much talk on the food stamp or Supplement Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) lately and having to make cuts that some say will hurt starving children ("New farm bill dies in House in GOP revolt," June 21). I am not against this program, just the abuse that goes with it. In this economy, I know there are families who are hurting and need food stamps. The truth is so many people think this is a given that they will spend their money on the things in life that most middle class folks can afford only once in a while — after all the bills are paid. It seems nobody wants to work for the better things in life.

I wish food stamps were run like WIC (Women, Infants and Children nutritional assistance) program where a certain number of dollars had to be spent on certain types and amounts of food. Maybe then these starving children would have something decent to eat on the 30th of the month too!

Helen Smith, Edgewood

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